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Big Muddy Septic Service handles all your pumping needs from septic inspections, clean outs, restaurant grease traps, car wash/shop pits & industrial services.

Big Muddy’s mission is to provide the communities in which we serve with friendly and knowledgeable staff, superior pumping service and above all the understanding that it is a priviledge to serve and earn our customer’s business.

Residential Septic Tanks

Depending on the household size, most septic tanks should be serviced regularly every 2-3 years. Call today for more information

Commercial Grease Traps

Large or small, we offer a variety of service options depending on your tank size and the required service frequency

Certified Septic Inspections

All inspections are performed by Certified Inspectors with pictures and a report being sent directly to you within 48hrs.

Car Wash and Shop Pits

When servicing pits, our techs are the best in the biz. Call us today to discuss service frequency and pricing

Industrial Services-Multi-state

We service multi-states with competitive rates & on time completion . Call today for an estimate on your next large scale pumping job

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumper?

Most tanks should be pumped every 3-5 yrs, however this may vary depending on the tank size, number of people in the home and water usage. A family of 6 is presumably going to need their tank pumped out more frequently than a family of 4 with the same sized septic tank. Better to be ahead of the game rather than behind in this scenario!

Do you pump everything out of the tank?

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Because it is impossible to completely empty the tank, there will be some liquid left on the bottom though this should be minimal. The contents remaining in the tank contain bacteria that will continue to promote breakdown of incoming waste.

Why clean my septic tank?

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Your septic tank seperates solids from wastewater and allows the wastewater to travel through the system to the absorbtion field. A dirty tank allows more solids to enter the absorbtion field which inturn will plug your drain field causing the system to fail.

Do I need to be there when you clean my tank?

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You are not required to be present during the service, but we  strongly recommend that if you have questions or concerns that you visit with us during the service or give us a call afterwards to discuss them. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

Available 'round the Clock

Emergencies can happen  anytime and we are here to help.  You don’t have to wait, call us for 24 hour emergency service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Happy customers are our business.  Please contact us today  if you have any questions about our services.

Buying a Home with A Septic tank

We do a full septic inspection which entails pumping the tank. You will get a detailed report on the health of the system.

Home, Commercial, Industrial, You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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